Böcskei Balázs - Molnár Csaba: The Radical Right in Power? – The Impact of Jobbik on Legislation in Hungary (2010-2014)

Abstract: In our study we aimed to find the answer to the research question whether the widely spread assumption in the Hungarian political public opinion that the governing Fidesz eventually accomplished the strategic proposals of the radical right-wing party, Jobbik was valid or not. In our analysis we relied on the results provided by the database of the Hungarian Comparative Agendas Project. In the first part of our analysis by applying the saliency approach we concluded that the agenda of legislation reflects more of the priorities of Jobbik than of the governing party. On the other hand, our analysis based on the pledge approach lead us to the conclusion that the most significant pledges of the governing party were fulfilled, rather than the key elements of the Jobbik manifesto. Therefore, Jobbik does have an impact on the agenda of legislation, but the governing party has a preference for its own pledges when it comes to fulfilment.

Language: english

The manscript is available here.