6 July, 2022 - Hungarian Comparative Agendas Project at Annual CAP Conference

The Hungarian Comparative Agendas Project will present three papers at Annual CAP Conference (Herzlya, Israel, 10-12, July).

Miklós Sebők will be a participant of the plenary session Coding and Data Presentations and Discussion: Accuracy, Efficiency, Innovation, and Replicability in CAP coding. 


List of the papers presented by Hungarian CAP is as follows: 

Tamás Barczikay and Zsolt BodaThe media effect on policy agendas – supporting the null-hypothesis? The case of Hungary 1990-2014

Miklós SebőkSolving multi-class classification for low resource languages with large language models

Zsanett Pokornyi and Tamás BarczikayWhat did the prime minister say? Government responses to COVID-19 in Hungary: A policy analysis